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10 beauty statements in 2022 that changed the world!

As usual, many different makeup trends appear in different seasons, but what were the 10 beauty statements in 2022 that changed the world!? It's an interesting mix of trends from simple foundation that barely blends perfectly with skin, to shimmery eyeshadows that can be seen from miles away. Whether you prefer a natural look or a bold, shimmery look, these trends have everything a makeup lover needs. These trends give us many simple makeup hacks we know, while at the same time encouraging us to step out of the box and indulge in unfamiliar looks and tricks.

1- Glossy makeup: Farewell to matte

We are all obsessed with the glow look of makeup, not just for the lips, but for your eyelids and cheeks too!

Glitter can instantly add a subtle charm to your face with any makeup look, so don't hesitate to try it this season, especially on spring days with mild weather.

2- Thick, combed Soap Eyebrows

If you thought bushy brows would be out of fashion in 2023, think again. This irresistible style is here to stay, especially since it changed so many makeup techniques because of it

3- Blush in bright colors

When it comes to blush colors, you must be very bold in choosing it. The peach coral color is gorgeous and will undoubtedly make your face pop.

4- Foundation and concealer

In the mid-2000s, applying heavy skin products was common. But according to the world of social media, especially TikTok, the heavy, heavy-duty makeup look is no longer in vogue nowadays. Instead, makeup artists use less products under the eyes, and create a more natural look by applying a little concealer and foundation to the skin.

5- Colorful eyeliner for a spring-inspired look

A bold step, but everyone loved it, especially since it is in simple pastel colors that many love, so there is no objection to trying it in the spring holidays with a simple dress embossed with small rose patterns, with a light wavy hairstyle and pink lip gloss.

6- Clear lip liner in dark colors

In the '90s, we saw a boom in lip liner, and now it's back in full force. Also in 2022, we saw many shades of deep brown with a tinted or glossy lipstick, many brands have created amazing lip liners in dark shades that did the trick.

7- Makeup with bright pink lipstick

Pink is expected to be the dominant color in makeup for this season 2023 and throughout the year as well! And we couldn't be more excited to have him with us! Although we are still suffering from the cold weather, our minds have already begun to spring and summer, as it is the time when the colors and shades of pink, fuchsia, and purple shades spread. You’ll want to keep multiple shades of these colors in your makeup bag.

8- Eyeshadow in pastel colors

The pastel matte combination is a true classic, and this year, you're going to want to apply eye shadows that fall into this category. Try it with colors you are comfortable when applied and don't mind being daring at times too!

9-The Glitter

Many celebrities are taking the standout element and makeup trends to a much higher level by using glitter instead of just matte "although they don't use much of it!"

10- A semi-matte highlighter

Adding a simple highlighter to the top of your cheeks is a professional way to achieve glow makeup with the skill of a pro. Want to achieve a glass-like complexion? The liquid highlighter will help you achieve this!

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