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10 statement French manicure styles do not hesitate to try it in fall 2022

Let’s talk about new French manicure styles! Despite the timeless and chic traditional French manicure, some new techniques are here to move it to a new level.

To be honest, I tried 3 of the 10 French manicure styles that I will be revealing below, and it was satisfying!

Keep reading and get inspired by these modern French manicure nail designs.

1- The classic French Manicure

You can find many creative nail art designs, but most women prefer the traditional French Manicure because it gives the nails a beautiful and fashionable shape and color. For some women, the simplicity gives comfort. That's why they choose it.

2- Art French Manicure

You can have fun with colors and shapes even if you are aiming for a French manicure. If you are a fan of mint green or baby pink you can use these colors to create an interesting design for fall 2022 on your nails.

3- French manicure with a logo

One of the most beautiful and creative trends for French nails 2022 is the French manicure with a logo. If you add logos to your nails, it will be an interesting way to show your personality and interests. The logo can feature your favorite brand or cartoon character or any other thing you choose.

4- Black nails with French tips

You can be more sophisticated in what concerns French manicure this autumn, because you can choose the black color on all over your nail and add a little red glam on the tip of it. There is a feminine quality to this look, and black is a color that is often associated with power and sophistication, while red represents passion, love, and danger.

5- French manicure with pearls

You can make a little addition to the classic French manicure this autumn and choose the pearl trends on nail. This idea is very popular for classic women, and it gives peace and purity to the personality with a glam of sparkle. The only difference between this look and the original is the addition of the little pearls at the base of your nail.

6- Fluo matte French tip nails

The fluo nail polish is the most favorite bold colors for women who love fashion and new styles. This is an option for those who want to have some fun with their nail art; such intense colors are likely to draw attention to your hands. All you have to do is put a nude nail polish on your nails and add the fluo colors on the tip with a matte topcoat.

7- Two sides French manicure

The two sides French manicure is a trend that interests women who like new fashion designs for nails. This nail art is created by using two contrasting shades and placing them at the tips of your nails and the base.

8- French manicure with stripes

A new option in nails art is a mix between French manicure and stripes. You can put a black base option and a baby pink line in the middle, or you can also know that Black and white are always a great combination.

9- Colorful nails with French tip

Choose the colors you like to apply a beautiful manicure then add a tip with a different color to follow the manicure trend this autumn.


Gold tip French manicure

To create this nail shape, start how you would with the classic French manicure and opt for a clear or light pink base coat. Then apply a thin layer of gold lacquer at the tips.

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