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3 Celebrities Approved Hairstyles to Wear this Summer!

Whether your hair is straight or even curly, here are 3 celebrities approved hairstyles to wear this summer that do not require much effort to style. It also works with casual daytime to formal evening looks.

How about adopting it this summer, with a variety of models that combine softness, boldness, and even classicism, to satisfy your taste and suit your look.

Balqees Fathi

If you have wavy or straight hair, you can adopt simple half-up hairstyles like Balqees Fathi. But pay attention, if you have curly hair, we recommend that you collect all the hair from the front to form a half ponytail at the back of the head. This type of simple hairstyle helps highlight the beauty of the face. If you have straight hair or want to style it softly, you can raise the hair only from above in a way that the side tufts remain down. Among many favorite hairstyles we chose Balqees's half-up hairstyles that highlight the beauty of her facial features and keep the locks of her long hair hanging down over her shoulders. Balqees shone with a variety of styles of half-up hairstyle so you can wear your hair like hers this summer.

Cyrine Abed Nour

When seeing the wet hairstyle, many women think that the hair is wet because of its shine and stability, but in fact it is dry hair, and this shows the difference in your appearance when doing the wet hairstyle, especially if you are seeking to change your look. Cyrine Abed Nour abandoned her usual classic style in her hairstyles and chose a renewed and lively hairstyle by adopting a wet and straight hairdo, to give her a renewed and elegant style with formal outfits, so you can get inspiration from her look for your hairstyle this summer without being confused.

Nadine Nassib Njeim

Nadine Njeim relies a lot on wavy hairstyles in out-of-the-ordinary looks, leaving the hair loose with a long side part. Nadine Njeim does not focus on one hairstyle with wavy hair, but she often leaves it loose without a specific pattern to give her a more natural look and modern look at the same time without dropping any hair on the forehead. In addition, Nadine Njeim shone with long wavy hair, along with the long front bangs that give her boldness and distinction.

Finally, you might get inspired from the celebrities look but don’t forget to choose what suits you the most and define your personality.

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