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Tried and tested: Scalp serum is better than oil!

Serums are suitable for different types of hair, from coarse to fine. And in addition to its formula, hair serums can add shine to dull hair, reduce frizz and prevent heat damage. Tried and tested: Scalp serum is better than oil! We will find out its advantages.

Silicon and its role in providing smoothness

Silicone is an essential ingredient in any commercial scalp serum. It's a non-metallic chemical that forms a thin, water-resistant protective film around each hair strand, to keep hair tangle-free and feeling soft and moisturized. It also reflects the light that falls on the hair, making it look visibly shiny. Mostly in scalp serums, the light types of silicones that do not burden the hair and do not accumulate on the scalp.

Essential oils for nourishment and perfume

Oils can be combined with serums for additional hydration and nourishment. These oils usually consist of natural ingredients such as castor oil or coconut oil that penetrate the hair strands and moisturize them from within.

Proteins and amino acids to strengthen and repair Serums are made up of proteins, which in turn are made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks of hair and skin. The body needs certain types of amino acids to build new hair tissue and one of these is called cysteine (an essential amino acid that helps the body heal wounds and fight infections. It also helps the body maintain healthy skin and hair follicles), which is why it is essential to use hair proteins.

Benefits of a scalp serum

Hair nourishment and hydration

The scalp serum helps to enhance the nourishment of the hair, moisturize it, and soften its texture, due to the silicone component.

1. Smoothing and frizz control

Damaged hair usually looks dry, brittle, and frizzy, and it is also common for dry and damaged hair to be brittle. Serums that contain silicone can help manage these issues by forming a protective film around the surface of the hair, which keeps weak and damaged hair and makes it soft and moisturized. Some hair serums contain hydrolyzed keratin proteins, which offer many benefits to hair including improving hair health and smoothing hair, causing the effect of detangling hair and making it easier to comb.

2. Enhance sparkle and luster

One of the benefits of a scalp serum is its ability to revive dry, dull hair by boosting moisture in each hair strand. Healthy, moisturized hair is softer and shinier. Some scalp serums may also contain light-reflecting ingredients, which leave hair shiny and smooth without appearing greasy and weighed down.

3. Manage and prevent split ends

Scalp serums make it easier to comb hair, detangle it, and treat hair breakage caused by thermal tools.

Finally, over applying serum can leave hair flat and greasy. Ideally, you should start with small amounts and then gradually add more at the ends as needed to prevent product buildup on the hair.

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