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Best 3 Arab celebrities street styles look in Paris!

Traditional fashion lines no longer attract young people, regardless of their elegance and the name of their designer. The look based on ripped jeans and a T-shirt with contrasting patterns and stark colors, sports shoes, or shoes inspired by men's designs, is what excites the most. This is what fashion magazines have come to call street style street fashion or (street fashion). Here are the best 3 Arab celebrities street styles look in Paris to get inspired from.

Ghada Abedel Razek

Ghada Abdel Razek wore a distinctive green striped top, which she styled with a black skirt, which gave the look a striking beauty. In addition, she coordinated with the look a soft bag in dark red from Prada. You can get inspired from her look and try this outfit even in different colors.


For her appearance at Paris Fashion Week, Youssra chose the classic style of suit in aubergine with a wide blue shirt with a collar hanging between the buttons of the jacket. The look was coordinated with a soft bag and sunglasses. You might wear this look for a coffee of dinner why not?


The fashion of the button-down shirt in the form of a dress swept the ideas of clothing in terms of street style. Take inspiration from the star Elissa for your next look and adopt the dress in the form of a shirt with front buttons, with a soft belt that defines the waist.

Finally, when this fashion was launched, it was not encouraged by international fashion houses, as much as it was based on a special style created by its owner. Over time, this phenomenon began to attract attention, and it almost outperformed the old and ornate methods in its press coverage and spread on social media. This popularity is now inspiring young designers, which we are seeing on catwalks during international fashion weeks.

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