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5 Makeup I will surely apply from the Cannes Film Festival 2023 looks

We all agree that the period leading up to any occasion, and in particular the period of preparing with clothes, hairstyles, and makeup for this day, is very important. So, if you are looking for a look suitable for your special occasion, we have collected for you some ideas from Cannes Film Festival looks so that you can sparkle.

1.Makeup with pastel colors!

The center of pastel eyes with its bright and dreamy colors and soft feminine look; Where it depends on the colors violet, light green, and other techniques such as pastel colors for a different make-up look, or using bright pastel eyeshadow shades, or creamy ones for a look of attractiveness, and makeup experts advise adopting pink or nude blush colors with gloss, and soft face makeup to allow pastel eye makeup colors to come alive. As for the lips the glossy lip gloss is at the top of the makeup trend, and can be worn alone, in rich colors, or over lip liner.

2.Blue Makeup

The blue eye makeup is one of the major trends at the Cannes Film festival, where it brings back to us the makeup trends of the sixties and seventies, but with contemporary touches, in which we adopt the application of light sky blue eyeshadow shades on the entire eyelids with mascara and black winged eyeliner, or use the double eyeliner technique in which we adopt a black winged eyeliner drawing topped with a blue winged eyeliner, and it is preferable to adopt soft face makeup with a bright pink or apricot blush, with an earthy or rosy lip. This makes up goes with the black or white dresses for example.

3.Shiny eye makeup

Shiny eye makeup can be adopted in many ways, but the most recent one is the application of shiny eyelid shadows in a random manner scattered on the moving eyelids, or at the beginning and end of the eyelids only to give you a contemporary and different eye makeup.

4.Graphic Eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner makeup trends continue to dominate global beauty looks. Because it is not limited to one style or technique only, but varies between black graphic eyeliner, and another simple minimalist in brown or gray colors, as well as colored graphic eyeliner.

5.Green eyeshadow

Green eyeshadow is one of the bold and different options and is ideal for the less daring lady or who is afraid to change her classic makeup, where it depends on adding emerald or dark green shadows with smokey eye makeup.

Finally, we all know that attending great events or occasions is the perfect opportunity to change our makeup techniques and get different makeup ideas that include bright colors and bold techniques.

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