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Does fringe hairstyle suit you? 4 rules to find out

Fringe Lily Collin’s way

If you want to adopt front fringe this season, and are looking for trendy hairstyles for occasions, here are Lily Collins's trendy bun hairstyles. This hairstyle is considered delicate and requires a hairdresser, but you can follow the following steps to apply it like a professional:

-Brush your hair softly.

-Leave the front bangs down at the forehead.

-Gather strands of hair above the bangs and set it aside.

-Tie the remaining hair into a high ponytail.

-Wrap the hair loose from the tail around the tie to hide it.

-After shaping the cake, you can roll the tufts you left aside at first into soft rings over the cake.

-Pin each strand.

Fringe Anne Hathaway’s way

Anne Hathaway is distinguished by the softness of her facial features and the whiteness of her skin color, which helps her to change her hairstyles and hair color. That’s why the hairstyle with a fringe on the forehead made her look irresistible!

Fringe Bella Hadid’s way

In fact, fringes that cover the eyebrows are now very popular among models and stars of style. Whether you want to adopt a supermodel hairstyle or just want to hide some of the fine lines on your forehead, haircuts are the boldest beauty step of the coming season.

"Fringe hairstyle is back, and everyone is trying it!

The fringe is the spotlight that shows the details of the face, and its shape and expresses your personality. So, before you go about cutting a fringe, we give you 4 basic rules to find out if it will suit you or not:

1-Know your hair type: You don't have to have straight hair to get a beautiful fringe, but if your hair is too wavy you will always have to style it.

2- Study the shape of your face and forehead: You cannot ignore the shape of your face and the width of your forehead when you decide to cut a fringe. It is not suitable for women with small foreheads, the fringe can make it appear shorter, so if your hairline is close to your eyebrows, you will not be able to make a fringe. While it is ideal for women with large foreheads, in terms of faces, the side fringes are suitable for the large face because they work to reduce it, while it is not suitable to the small face, unlike the short fringes, which are more suitable for women with small faces, while defining the large face and increasing its width.

3- Take your time to take care of your fringe: If you are one of those who want to take this step, make sure that you have enough time to work on it, and style it, because fringes always need a hair straightener or “blow-dry”, especially if you are one of the curly women. Tip: Have a bottle of setting spray or water mist with you to fix your fringe at any time, or a hair band to cover it up if needed.

4- Trim your fringe: You must continue to trim your fringe after cutting it, in other words trim its edges every two months to maintain its desired shape, because it grows quickly and suddenly, and loses its aesthetics if you do not cut it again. You can also use some hair cosmetics, such as the spray that helps to style and fix the hair, or mousse, for example, to add volume.

So, if you want to try this look don’t forget to take these advice into consideration to get a successful look.

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