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Glass Skin Makeup is trending on TikTok and it’s all about easy techniques!

It is a soft make-up routine that is useful to show the skin in a beautiful and shiny look without excessive cosmetics. This new trend appeared on TikTok to encourage women to try it. This trend is rooted in the Korean skincare principles, and it is related in a way or another in the use of makeup. This trend started with the TikToker Erika Titus, who shared her glass skin base in June and encouraged women to give it a try.

Glass skin is the latest trend to take over the beauty scene. The viral trend, which has earned more than 20 million views on TikTok, has beauty lovers everywhere striving to achieve the look of "pore less" skin.

The glass makeup is a routine that gives women a healthier skin not just a glow. It is literally glass skin, said a tiktoker who tried it.

The recommendations of influencers about the glass skin makeup are huge, and the applying technique is very easy. The idea behind the original skincare technique is to layer lightweight products to build hydration and create a juicy and plump complexion; it makes sense that the makeup process isn't all that different.

For having a glass skin, you shall start with a layer of the ultra-sheeny Glow Screen before using the Setting Spray. Instead of the usual foundation you must use the color corrector by tapping it onto the skin, but you must know that this product might not suit all skin tones. As for the concealer all you must do is to use a few small dots under the eyes and around the nose and chin, also you can cover any red area with it.

This look doesn’t need a powder it just sticks to creamy products also for the bronzer, highlighter, and blush. All the blending must be done by hands (fingers), so do not use any brushes or sponges.

If you have oily skin this technique might bother you "My oily skin could never," responded one follower on Tiktok – but another advised: "If you want to use powder and keep the glow, I recommend Laura Mercier Glow Setting Powder – I always look so dewy after!"

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