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Met Gala 2023 best 5 looks!

In the world of fashion, few events are as big, Instagram-worthy, and in high demand as the annual Met Gala in New York City. The event, known for its star-studded guest list and extravagant costumes, was themed this year after the late fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld. The invitation-only gala raises funds for the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. An estimated 400 guests attended this year's event.

That's why we saw a lot of the designer's famous details like pearls, starched collars, and lots of black and white, the two colors Lagerfeld liked to use. For the first time in the history of the Met Gala, attendees of this year's party, which bears the name Karl Lagerfeld A Line of Beauty, were asked to wear designs inspired by the designer who dazzled the fashion world with his innovations for several decades.

Here are the best 5 looks in the Met Gala:

Kim Kardashian

This year, Kardashian wore the pearl-studded Schiaparelli design, which was created after her visit last week to Karl Lagerfeld's office in Paris, where she said she was getting "a little inspiration for the Metropolitan Museum."

"I just wanted to feel glamorous, and I wanted the pearls, which means so much to Karl," Kim told Vogue on the red carpet.


Upon her arrival to the red or cream carpet, Rihanna appeared in a white dress bearing the signature of the "Valentino" house and a robe of 30 huge camellia flowers that covered her head, while she followed her look with sunglasses decorated with long eyelashes, and adopted soft silver eye makeup, dark lipstick, and a half-raised curly hairdo. With side bangs pulled back.

Rihanna accompanied her look with pearl earrings, and another that contained a large pearl and necklaces of diamonds and pearls, which are the two types that top Lagerfeld's choices in the world of jewelry.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman chose an ethereal design from Chanel's vintage collection, a dress she wore 19 years ago: the same pale-pink gown — complete with a four-meter train, 250 pink feathers and 3,000 sequins.

Lilly Collins

Actress Lilly Collins wore a special design by Vera Wang that was distinguished in black and white, and that his long skirt had the name Karl written in sequins.

Naomi Campbell

Model Naomi Campbell, who has always been presenting shows for Chanel, did not hesitate to restore her look in a dress from Chanel that she wore in 2010.

It is the 16th time that Naomi attends the Met Gala, and she wore a pink-silver dress with an Indian sari for the occasion.

Many of those present at the "Met Gala 2023" chose to wear classic clothes from the French fashion house in honor of Karl Lagerfeld.

Some of the attendees also used clothes that refer to cats, in reference to the beloved German designer's cat, Choupette, who always accompanied Lagerfeld, who was also distinguished by its sunglasses and white hair.

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