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Mocha Manicure Is the Season's Ultimate Neutral

How Jennifer Lopez introduced the Mocha Manicure

Jennifer Lopez’s mocha nails aren’t just the latest celebrity take on a popular craze, but rather a fresh way to participate. By steering clear of a true chocolate brown in favor of a more muted, neutral shade, the nails help glorify her hair, makeup, and outfits as opposed to starring as the main feature. The perfect in-between shade, add the mocha nails to your lineup now — it’s one of the most versatile manicure colors out there. Brown is trending

to be one of the top autumn colors all across the board. From chocolate nails to soft nudes and grey-toned mink colors, there is something for everyone.

Winter Manicure Colors

Winter is characterized by distinctive dark colors of nail polish, unlike summer, which is famous for its joyful and stark colors. The most beautiful colors to paint your nails this year, dark colors such as dark red, Mocha color, violet and olive in the first place, followed by earthy colors such as beige and gray. What was known as “French” is done through white paint and light paint such as pink, is now different, as it combines new and dark colors, knowing that accessories, clothes, shoes and bags follow the new fashion, so we find dark colors in most stores.

Mocha for winter

Are your nails short, long, wide or narrow? Each hand has a specific and different nail shape, and some may think that there are more beautiful nail shapes than others, and nail polish may look more beautiful than other forms of nails.

For winter manicure, you can choose a soft mocha color, which gives you a striking look similar to celebrity looks. This color is compatible with women with brown or white skin alike, so you can adopt it even with any color of clothing you choose. What distinguishes this color is that you can coordinate different nail accessories with it, and it goes with gold, white or black alike. Do not forget that the color you choose for your nails reflects your personality and shows you in a striking and neat way with any color of clothing you choose. The Mocha color indicates a conservative and calm personality in its control and fears association or initiative, and this may indicate shyness.

Finally, I know it's fall but using dark colors just drives us crazy. I love change and I have to go from bright colors to dark colors every week. And if you are like me and are hesitant to get rid of pink and beige colors, here is the perfect solution: try the Mocha color this season.

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