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My grandma secrets to keep your nail healthy and strong

Nails have an aesthetic function in the body, and this is done by following many methods, some of which are related to the quality of foods that enhance the strength of nails, and others are related to the correct ways of dealing with nails, and in this article, we will mention my grandma secrets to keep your nail healthy and strong.


Moisturize your hands and nails continuously, as the dryness of the nail makes it vulnerable to breakage when exposed to any minor accident. You can use Vaseline, or any kind of moisturizing cream.

Natural masks

There are many natural ingredients that provide nourishment to the nail, making it grow faster and stronger, such as preparing a mask of egg yolk with a spoonful of olive oil, and dipping the nails in it for ten minutes, or rubbing the nails with a tooth of garlic.

Protection before applying nail polish

Protect your nails by applying a nail hardener before you start using the polish.

This step is one of the steps that protect the nails strongly and help them get a shiny look.

Beware of water

Water is the number one enemy of your nails, as excessive exposure to water exposes nails to cracking and breaking. Perhaps the most harmful thing is warm water followed by cold water, so it is necessary to protect the skin of the hands and nails by wearing plastic gloves when doing housework.

Proper nutrition

Nails grow from the inside and need proper nutrition to provide the necessary elements to build the nail. Nails need protein mainly, in addition to iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A, and folic acid. Any deficiency in one of these elements causes a problem for the nails, either by breaking them, or the appearance of white spots, or red spots that tend to brown, or their curvature, and therefore the best foods that promote nail growth and strength are red meat, fish, eggs, milk and its products, and green vegetables.

Olive oil

Once a week, prepare an oil bath for your nails, so that the nails are soaked in warm olive oil for 10 minutes before washing them with warm water and soap and moisturizing them with a moisturizing cream.

Finally, if you work a lot with your hands, it is best that your nails be relatively short, and that they be trimmed in a round shape to protect them from breaking. If your nails are weak or thin, it is best to keep them short.

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