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My must have makeup trend for Eid this year: 3 products to glow!

Colorful makeup trends invaded social media, especially eyeliner, including eye shadow, to take the lead in makeup fashion for the year 2023.

What about adopting this trend to shine with eye-catching makeup for Eid and attract attention?!

Here are the most prominent 3 makeup products for Eid 2023, so that you can choose the style that expresses your personality and satisfies your taste.

White eyeliner for Eid

The white eyeliner trend invaded the spring-summer 2023 fashion show platforms, to be the most prominent among the eyeliner color trends that add a youthful aesthetic touch to your makeup. The new trend depends on defining the eye with white eyeliner and extending it to the outer corner of the eye in an innovative way, like a wing. Do not hesitate to adopt this trend with eye shadows in earthy colors to highlight the beauty of your eyes and sparkle with attractive makeup that catches the eye on Eid.

Colorful eyeliner for Eid

The colored eyeliner trend emerged during this period on Instagram remarkably. Although it is a bold trend, it adds radiance and vitality to the look of women, especially those with dark skin. You can choose a yellow eyeliner and draw a soft line over the upper eyelids and drag it to the end of the outer eye and draw another soft and thin eyeliner line in black on the moving eyelids, then use a soft brown eyeliner and draw a thin and soft line above the moving eyelids to create innovative touches on your look. And don't forget to thicken your eyelashes with mascara. You will have an attractive and innovative look on the Eid.

Colored eye shadow

New in the trends of makeup for this season! The trend of colored eye shadow in graphic and geometric styles on the eyelids in addition to the classic methods. What do you think about adopting this trend, and applying green eye shadow in the middle of the moving eyelids at the end of the eye, with a soft pull outward and extending towards the lower eyelids?

Then, apply a soft pink eyeshadow in the middle of the moving eyelids to the inner corner of the eye. For more attractiveness on your eye makeup, draw a soft black eyeliner line on the moving eyelids and drag it to the end of the eye with a wider line. And don't forget to apply mascara to thicken your eyelashes. You will get an elegant and modern look this Eid.

Finally, makeup trends differ from one season to another, and new trends may appear, and others disappear, or they may continue, or even old trends may return to the scene again, and for this reason women are keen to follow the most prominent makeup trends and choose what matches their personal taste.

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