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Princess Diana festive full looks are back!

Princess Diana's looks are the perfect blend of royal sophistication and glamor. Most importantly, all of her looks left a big mark in the world of fashion so far despite her death, and women are still trying to emulate her style, and here Princess Diana's festive full looks are back!

The revenge dresses

This is one of Princess Diana's most famous looks, as she wore this dress after announcing the news of her divorce, and she looked very radiant in it. The dress was from Christina Stambolian, and it is a black off-the-shoulder dress that appears with a dangling collar and an elegant opening from the thigh.

Falcon dress by Kathryn Walker

This stunning dress, fit for the Queen, was worn as a diplomatic choice during her visit to Saudi Arabia, and it reflected a political message, as the country's emblem is the golden falcon, and she paid tribute to their culture through it, and it was this dress that inspired Michelle Obama's style during her husband’s presidency.

Belleville Sassoon dress

On July 22, 1991, Princess Diana wore this dress from the Belleville Sassoon fashion store, and it was very elegant, which made it one of the unforgettable pieces of the fashion history of the late princess, as the embroidery on the shoulder, and its "croisette" design with a belt that is attached on one side.

The velvet dress with John Travolta

We've never met someone who could wear velvet like Princess Diana. For example, when she danced with John Travolta at a White House dinner, this famous black velvet dress, designed by Victor Edelstein, ended up selling at auction for about $350,000.

Green Sequin Dress

It's hard to wear a sequined or beaded dress and make it look expensive, but that's what Diana did in this long-sleeved Katherine Walker maxi dress, which made her look like a mermaid, and had shoulder details and a small bag. And matching shoes, and this look is one of the looks that reflect the "monochrome" fashion, or designs that depend on one color.

Silver metallic dress from Bruce Oldfield

It was difficult to forget this shiny silver "Bellessie" dress that Princess Diana wore, as it was considered a difficult choice, because it was "backless", but this is what made the look elegant and distinctive.

Ice blue silk beaded gown, Versace

Diana was perfect in this elegant Versace gown with delicate embroidery. It was one of the most glamorous looks that Versace has ever pulled off and it fits the personality of this princess from the royal family perfectly.

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