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Revealing the biggest 2023 beauty trends is my passion!

Fashion varies from year to year based on the latest trends that appeared in the fashion show or inspired by experts. As for the trends for this year, we have collected them for you in this text below so that you can try to derive your look from them if you want.

Dewy skin

It's no secret that supermodel skin on the runway always looks flawless and glow.

Where the appearance of her skin may be mostly like yours, but her imperfections are usually covered up with appropriate makeup.

This season, the models' skin looked makeup-free and exaggeratedly dewy.

Glass skin

You get that glass skin look when your skin is at its best.

To look pore less, luminous, and sheer, there are steps in your skincare routine that promise to get that glassy-stained look.

Just like Giambattista Valli's models did.

Clumpy Lashes

At Leonard's shows, the biggest beauty trend was nodding to the swinging '60s, with clumpy lashes.

Applying it at home, apply several layers of your favorite volumizing mascara, before gently joining the ends together with your fingertips, or with tweezers.

Keep your complexion fresh with a pink blush and a touch of lip gloss.

Pastel Graphic Liner

This runway trend isn't surprising, as it has dominated makeup trends over the past couple of years,

with the so-called cut crease mainly due to the influence of TikTok.

Bold pastel lining is always a good and new option, to be adopted in warm seasons, and of course for spring and summer 2023, just as this trend appeared in Mariucci shows.

80s' blue eyeshadow

Expect to see this bright shade of blue everywhere in spring and summer 2023, in part because of Off White's stellar offering.

Apply it intensely and clearly in the form of smoky eyes, and you can adopt blue eyeliner of the same shades.

Fisheyes eyeliner

This trend is considered one of the most beautiful eyeliner trends for spring and summer 2023, as Dior House presented a new fashion for fish-shaped eyeliner, as it was previously adopted by applying its tail to the outer corner of the eye.

Today, what is new is what the house's beauticians did by reversing the tail to the inner corner of the eye, so the eye appeared exactly as if it were a real fish.

Silver eyeshadow

The metallic shades, in their silver color in particular, will continue for the next season, and in their random form, and this is what appeared on the Chloé runway, as the models appeared in undefined silver eye makeup, which was applied randomly without any specification.

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