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Step by step tutorial for the must have smoky eye!

If you want to apply a distinctive smokey makeup in a different and soft way, here are my steps:

Strong Smokey eyes

1-Apply the foundation or foundation cream to be the base layer on which you will build the rest of the makeup look.

2-Choose the concealer that suits you and apply it under the eyes to lighten this area to install the makeup base Use loose powders, especially if you are going to use it for a long period of time, to keep your eye makeup in place for a longer time.

3-Use the black eyeliner to define the eye from the outside to the inside with the help of an eyeshadow brush.

4-Try to reduce the black eyeliner line and distribute it and put some black under the eye and distribute it.

5-Add the golden color as soon as you mix the black color on the eyelid from the outside and below.

6-Mix the golden weight with black in the outer corner of the eye, put some of the color Gold on the inside of the eyelid and blend it with black by moving the brush from the inside out, define your eyes with eyeliner, then define your eyelashes with mascara.

Smooth Smokey makeup for small eyes

Smokey makeup focuses mainly on the eyes and shows them, so there is a way to use smokey makeup for small eyes to make them appear wider and bigger.

1-Use the foundation and concealer if you like to cover the places of dark spots or dark circles, as it must be covered well before applying makeup an important note, do not try to use very dark shades of brown or black eyelids or even shiny if your eyes are small.

2-Use the eyeshadow brush to apply the dark color from the middle of the eye towards the eyebrows, but not to the end of the eyelid.

3-Use silver color to cover the area under the eyebrow to give it a different


4-If your eyelashes are short, do not hesitate to use a high-density mascara or use false eyelashes with a final touch of mascara on it.

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