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The Winter 2022 Makeup Trend is all about lifted skin and eyes!

You can follow easy and simple tricks to make your tired and flabby skin always look firm and glowing. Here are three of these tricks, so use them and restore luster and vitality to your skin before applying makeup.

Use of Ice

Massaging the skin with ice cubes is a very simple trick, but it has many benefits, the most prominent of which is that it works to enhance blood circulation in the skin, revitalizing it, moisturizing it, and it also helps reduce fine lines around the eyes. Therefore, keep massaging your facial skin daily with ice cubes, to get rid of skin fatigue and restore youth and vitality to it.

Sleeping enough

When you sleep enough hours, this reflects positively on your skin, as this step helps in the penetration of oxygen into the depths of the skin, which leads to enhancing the percentage of collagen in it and renewing its cells, as well as expelling toxins from the skin, which lead to clogging pores. Therefore, always make sure to sleep enough hours, specifically seven to eight hours a day.

Make up for lifted skin and eyes

Learn how to do soft makeup, as it will highlight your look in a modern and more youthful way. It also helps highlight your skin without weighing it down with powders. Follow the tips below

Soft and lifted eye makeup

Rely on brown shades and an apricot color that suits different complexions and helps create dimension in the eye, making it appear larger and wider without weighing it down. Adopt a thin eyeliner line to give the eye and use artificial eyelashes if you have an evening to widen the eyes.

Sculpt the facial features to get a soft makeup

Highlight the cheekbones, nose, and brow bone for ultra-young and sweet skin. Use the cool shades in the hollow areas of the face for natural sculpting and shaping. Depend on the soft contour to define the features of the face.

Determine your skin tone and choose a lipstick to achieve a soft makeup

Stand in natural light, either outside or near a window, and look at your arm. Skin with pink tones or blue veins is considered cool or light and is suitable for pink and raspberry red tones. If you cannot determine the tone of your skin, it may be neutral, and thus you are one of the lucky ones who can adopt most colors. White and neutral skin tones of pink lipstick highlight its radiance.

Concealer application

After applying the primer and foundation cream in the color closest to your skin tone, choose the concealer that is one degree lighter than your skin tone and apply it in the shape of a pyramid with hearts, then raise it using your fingers.

Drawing eyebrows

Arched and downward arched eyebrows make your eyes look sleepier. Therefore, we advise you to draw your eyebrows by using an eyebrow pencil that is closest to the color of your hair and avoid combing them down.

Eyeshadow application

Eyeshadow colors and the way they are applied play a major role in influencing the shape of the eyes. If you want to lift your eyes and make them look drawn, we advise you to apply light eyeshadow on the entire upper eyelid, and then choose dark eyeshadow and apply it in a V-shape at the outer edge of the upper eyelid.

Eyeliner drawing

Eyeliner also includes makeup tools that lift sleepy eyes, specifically winged eyeliner or cat eye eyeliner. Draw the winged eyeliner on the upper eyelid line, making sure that it is thin and not thick.

False eyelashes and mascara

Finally, do not hesitate to use false eyelashes that give your eyes a pulled look. Paste the false eyelashes with the use of an eyelash curler, then the mascara, which adds more length and density to your eyelashes, which completely conceals the look of your sleepy eyes.

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